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Fund rating changes and launches

Our analysts review each new launch and select those that they think will be of interest to our clients. Some of these funds will qualify for our star ratings. Others may not be eligible for inclusion in our top ratings but are being highlighted because they may offer an interesting investment approach.

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Star ratings explained

(Five star)


Funds that we rate as the most likely in their sectors to achieve outperformance over the medium and longer term. Typically, these funds will be included in our Multi-asset Portfolios.

(Four star)

Very high quality

These are funds we have a strong conviction in.

(Three star)

High quality

Funds we expect to deliver above average returns over the medium to longer term.

(Two star)


Other funds that have been reviewed or are currently being reviewed by our research team that do not yet meet the criteria for a buy rating.

(One star)


Investors should actively consider switching into our top-rated funds in which we have higher conviction.