ISA charges

Our Stocks & Shares ISA fees

We have one of the lowest-cost ISAs on the market. We don't charge you to open your account or transfer investments to us from other providers, and our annual service fees are capped at 0.4% (or lower for bigger investments). It is free to buy and sell funds, and share dealing costs just £7.50 per trade.

Annual ISA management charges

Our annual ISA management charges are tiered – so you pay a lower percentage for bigger investments.

Investment value Annual fee (per account)
£0 - £250,000 0.4%
£250,000 - £1 million 0.2%
Over £1 million No charge

Full details of our ISA charges can be found in our key facts document.

Investment dealing fees

Fund dealing

We don’t charge you to buy and sell funds, and there are no initial fees for most funds.

Share dealing

Online share dealing costs just £7.50 per trade, no matter how many shares you buy and sell.

Telephone dealing

Transactions made over the telephone are subject to a £75 fee.

Open a Stocks & Shares ISA

You can open one of our award-winning Stocks & Shares ISAs in several different ways. Apply online, print and post the paper application forms or speak to us over the phone.

Speak to an expert about ISAs

Speak to our experts for more information on ISAs or to find out about our Stocks & Shares ISA.

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A guide to Stocks & Shares ISAs

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