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Give us your goals

Give us your goals

Listen to our new podcast series Give Us Your Goals available below.
Give us your goals podcast

Give us your goals podcast

To dig deeper into the world of goals and understand the successes and failures in more detail, Bestinvest has launched a six-episode podcast series called Give Us Your Goals, hosted by Kirsty Gallacher.


Hear stories from British three-time London marathon winner Paula Radcliffe, award winning comedian Babatunde Aleshe and SAS: Who Dares Wins Billy Billingham.

Produced by former BBC Radio 5 Live producer Guy Kilty, Give Us Your Goals is available to listen to from the below links or Spotify and Apple podcast apps.

Listen to the trailer or the full episodes below

Episode 1: Paula Radcliffe

Kirsty speaks to Paula Radcliffe about her aspirations and impressive running career.

Episode 2: Billy Billingham

Kirsty chats to the former SAS sergeant major Billy Billingham about his extensive career and goals.

Episode 3: Terry Waite

Kirsty speaks to Terry Waite, humanitarian and best-selling author whose life changed forever in 1987.

Episode 4: Babatunde Aléshé

Kirsty chats to the actor, writer and comedian Babatunde Aléshé, who explains how he's grown his iconic career.

Episode 5: Michaela Strachan

Kirsty talks to the TV presenter Michaela Strachan, who chats about her telly career and her love of conservation and wildlife.

Episode 6: Mark Foster

Kirsty speaks to Mark Foster, one of Britain’s most decorated and successful swimmers of all time.


They offer direction, something to aim for. In the wider world, they give context and focus and drive us to make positive decisions. It’s time to think more about goals and how they can motivate us to be the best version of ourselves. Goals unlock opportunities, giving long term vision and motivation. Best-selling author and TV presenter Kirsty Gallacher has joined forces with Bestinvest to help you achieve your goals, no matter how long it takes you.


Winners will be contacted via telephone or email within ten working days of being selected and will be required to respond to confirm eligibility and acceptance of their prize within 14 days of initial contact.


Prize money will be paid into a Bestinvest Investment Account. When we contact you to let you know that you’ve won, we will need to confirm eligibility and will discuss the options for your cash reward.

Yes! Existing clients can enter this competition along with anyone who doesn't have an account with Bestinvest.