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April market update – ‘whatever it takes’ mantra to overcome the crisis

Chief Investment Officer Chris Godding gives his commentary on what happened in the markets and global equities over the month of April 2020
Chris Godding
Written by Chris Godding
Published on 07 May 2020

After a weak first quarter, global markets rebounded positively over the month of April, as the rate of growth in coronavirus cases slowed and governments around the world began to focus on their respective exit strategies from emergency lockdown measures. 


In this edition

  • There were broad gains across regions and asset classes, with equities the strongest asset class over the month despite the uncertain outlook for company profitability and for a number of industry sectors
  • The traditionally more defensive asset classes, such as gold and core government bonds, also continued to be in demand amongst investors, which will be welcome news for governments given the scale of the stimulus packages announced to help prop up economies currently in lockdown


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