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The Evelyn Partners Investment Podcast: a turning point for the UK?

In July’s episode of The Evelyn Partners Investment Podcast Cherry Reynard chats to Daniel Casali, Chief Investment Strategist, about an unsettled period in UK politics and asks whether, after a choppy six months, investors can look forward to a better second half of the year.

Published on 18 Jul 20222 minute read

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Episode overview

  • What a turbulent time in UK politics, with the resignation of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and the start of a scrappy contest for leadership of the Conservative party. There was a small, short-term impact on UK assets, with the pound rising and gilt yields falling, but UK equities remained largely flat
  • The longer-term impact of the political turmoil is harder to predict. Will Johnson’s successor persist with the changes in the Northern Ireland protocol? Or will they seek a more collaborative relationship with the EU? Will they push for a more business-friendly environment that can help UK companies compete on the world stage?
  • Elsewhere, there are signs that markets expect the Federal Reserve to slow its plans for rate rises. As yet, however, there is no sign of inflation slowing. Some commodity prices have fallen back, but energy prices look set to hold up. Against this backdrop, volatility is likely to persist into the second half of the year


All indices figures quoted are sourced from Refinitiv, Evelyn Partners as at 14 July 2022.

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