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The Evelyn Partners Investment Podcast: understanding markets during an inflation shock

In September’s episode of the Evelyn Partners Investment Podcast Cherry Reynard chats to Daniel Casali, Chief Investment Strategist, about the latest on the US and European markets, making sense of inflation and what’s next for the UK economy now that we have our new PM.

Published on 08 Sep 2022Last updated on 08 Sep 20221 minute read

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Episode overview

  • Daniel and Cherry kick off the episode with a round-up of Fed Chair Powell’s hawkish Jackson Hole speech
  • Daniel explains the difference between European consumers in the eye of the storm on global energy costs and European companies holding up relatively well
  • Cherry and Daniel tackle ‘the great unknown’: UK inflation
  • Cherry asks Daniel for insights about the new PM, and the impact of inflation on the UK economy
  • And finally, Daniel delivers five key themes to help investors navigate choppy market waters

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