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The Evelyn Partners Investment Podcast: why investors need to hold their nerve

In October’s episode of the Evelyn Partners Investment Podcast Cherry Reynard and Ben Seager-Scott unpick the recent volatility in UK bond and currency markets. They look at whether investors can expect greater stability from here and how they should respond to the current turbulence.

Published on 05 Oct 2022Last updated on 05 Oct 20222 minute read

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Episode overview

  • With its package of tax cuts and spending, Chancellor Kwarteng’s mini-budget created turbulence across UK bond and currency markets. The Bank of England acted quickly to calm the situation, but there are questions over whether the fragile truce will hold. The Chancellor has now rowed back from the most controversial elements of his proposals
  • Investors have had to endure further volatility, while also worrying about their household finances as mortgage rates and utility bills rise. But, as Cherry and Ben explore, the environment may not be as fragile as it seems
  • Eventually, inflation will ease, central banks will loosen interest rate policy and markets will revive, even if there is more pain to come. How investors respond to difficult times is important. It is vital to keep an eye on the long term and remember that volatility is part and parcel of investing

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