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The Tilney Investment Podcast – Upbeat markets: are valuations too expensive?

Ben Seager-Scott, Tilney’s Head of Multi-asset Funds, and Debbie Hair, a senior investment manager from Tilney’s Edinburgh office, discuss the latest market trends as the euro strengthens and confidence returns, but could fiscal stimuli be the gamechangers for the US markets running hot?
Published on 07 May 2021

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Episode overview

01:26 – Market update

April offered a welcomed stabilisation of government bond yields.

04:29 – Current company valuations overview

Due to an unusual Q4 last year and Q1 this year, the numbers themselves are less relevant than the aggregate direction – but can it be maintained?

10:50 – Global recovery – where we are

Are we ready to withdraw stimuli in the face of economic strength?

16:30 – Outlook for the US economy

Is there a chance the US could overheat?

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