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What goes into a Ready-made Portfolio?

Our Ready-made Portfolios offer a simple way to invest. You can choose which portfolio suits you and then we take care of everything else. But while keeping things simple for you, we also keep all the not-so-easy processes running like clockwork behind the scenes. Here we take a look at what actually goes into a Ready-made Portfolio.

Published on 19 Sep 20182 minute read

The right mix of investments

To start off the whole process, we use our in-house asset allocations as the basis for the portfolios. These give us the combination of shares, bonds and other types of investments to hold in each portfolio. The asset models are designed to give the highest potential long-term returns for a given level of risk.

However, they are not set in stone. The asset models are reviewed every quarter or more often if needed, so if any risks or opportunities arise, we may make changes based on our Central Investment Team’s view of the global economy and markets – investing more or less in different asset classes, sectors or geographical regions.

High-quality funds

High-quality investment funds are used to populate the portfolios in line with the asset models. To help with this, our Fund Selection Committee maintains a specific list of those funds that we have high conviction in.

Before a fund makes it onto the list, our experts carry out extensive research on the fund and its manager – making sure his or her past successes were based on skill, rather than luck. We invest in managers who focus on growing wealth, rather than just beating a benchmark and always review our position on a fund if there is a significant change, such as a fund manager leaving.

The expertise of fund managers

Fund managers, along with their teams of research specialists, spend their time researching, buying, selling and reviewing investments. Often, fund managers will specialise in a particular area, whether it is an asset class, sector or geographical region – so your money is always in good hands.

Ongoing management

Our specialist team looks after our range of Ready-made Portfolios all day, every day, ensuring that they always contain our best and most recent ideas. Again, if there are changes to our asset models or our view on a fund, we will make all of the necessary amendments to the portfolios.

Open a Ready-made Portfolio

Even though the inner workings are complex and require a lot of expertise, time and effort, the end result is our simple and easy to use Ready-made Portfolios. If you want to invest without the hard work, why not choose a portfolio today?

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