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Where did our clients invest in October?

The following 10 funds were the most popular amongst Bestinvest clients during October 2018.

Published on 08 Nov 20183 minute read

Written by Jason Hollands

1. Fundsmith Equity

Fundsmith Equity is back in the lead. Manager Terry Smith invests in quality companies that are able to sustain high rates of return on capital, typically with intangible assets like brands that deter competition. They are usually found in Europe, the UK and North America.

2. Tilney Bestinvest Growth Portfolio 

After spending September in the Gold medal spot, this Ready-made Portfolio dropped to Silver. The Growth fund is invested in shares as a majority, with exposure to smaller companies, emerging markets and Asia. It could suit investors with a long-time horizon and high tolerance for risk, and those who want some diversification from the stock market.

3. Lindsell Train Global Equity

Finally moving from fourth place, Lindsell Train Global is in the top three. The fund invests in major global companies including Heineken, the London Stock Exchange and Unilever. The fund targets capital and income growth from a concentrated portfolio of equites.

4. Liontrust Special Situations

This fund has bounced back from its fall last month and has jumped up to fourth. The fund includes companies of all sizes and targets long-term capital growth. The managers, Anthony Cross and Julian Fosh, have a quality growth investment style.

5. Tilney Bestinvest Aggressive Growth Portfolio

Dropping a few places last month was one of our own. This fund may appeal to those with a high tolerance for risk and a long time investment horizon. This is one of the highest risk portfolios in the range and aims to give you a higher level of growth.

6. HSBC American Index

This fund consists of the 500 largest US equities, weighted by market value, including Facebook, Amazon and JP Morgan. Active fund managers have struggled to add value at the large cap end of the US equity market, making low-cost passive funds like this one an attractive alternative.

7. Vanguard LifeStrategy 80% Equity

This fund has gone up a place since September. The fund seeks to achieve its investment objective through investment in passive, index-tracking collective investment schemes.

8. Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Leaders

This fund invests primarily in large-cap companies in the Asia-Pacific region (excluding Japan). The manager favours high-quality companies and makes sure senior managers’ interests are aligned with shareholders.

9. LF Lindsell Train UK Equity Fund

The fund aims to achieve capital and income growth. Manager Nick Train invests in companies he describes as ‘exceptional’, defined as those that will still be profitable in 20 years’ time. Lindsell Train is London-based boutique.

10. Threadneedle UK Equity Income

This is a core fund for equity income investors. Manager Richard Colwell has a strong track record and invests purely in UK stocks – large and mid-cap equities, forming his portfolios through a combination of macroeconomic themes and fundamental stock analysis.

Sound good?

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