Junior ISA

Tax-free savings and investments for children

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Junior ISAs work in the same way as adult ISAs. They give children an allowance every year to save money or invest without paying any Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax. This year the annual Junior ISA allowance is £9,000.

Why choose the Bestinvest Junior ISA?

It’s easy

You can open an account online in minutes, or call our friendly UK experts first if you need some help.

Low fees

We don't charge you to open a Junior ISA or transfer other accounts and our service fees are just 0.4% a year.

Choose how to invest

Choose your own investments, invest with help from an adviser or let our experts take care of it all for you.

Junior ISA charges

Our annual Junior ISA fees are 0.4% a year. We don't charge you to set up an account or to transfer Junior ISAs or Child Trust Funds from other providers. Fund dealing is free and share dealing costs just £7.50 per transaction. Other fees may apply.

0.4% a year

How to get started with a Junior ISA

Get started with the Bestinvest Junior ISA by opening a new account or transferring an existing Junior ISA or Child Trust Fund.

Open an account

There are several different ways to open a Junior ISA for your child:

Transfer investments

You can open a Junior ISA with Bestinvest by transferring existing Junior ISAs or Child Trust Funds. There is no charge to transfer. Our team of specialists will oversee the whole transfer and let you know when everything has been set up.

Questions about transferring a Junior ISA or Child Trust Fund?

Speak to our experts if you have any questions or would like to know more about transferring investments into our Junior ISA: