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Where did our clients invest last month?

With December and Christmas on the horizon and the month-long lockdown underway, how did clients invest across November 2020? Keep an eye out for Christmas crackers in this month’s edition...

Published on 04 Dec 20206 minute read

Written by Lucy Cowley

The funds below have done well, but you should always keep in mind that investments go down as well as up and you may not get back the amount invested. Remember the golden (rings) rule: a fund’s past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance.

10. Lindsell Train UK Equity

Kicking us off this festive season is Lindsell Train UK Equity.

Manager: Michael Linds-bells / (St.) Nick Train

What’s in there? Heineken, Burberry

About the fund: this fund invests in a concentrated portfolio of UK equities – some overseas s(t)ocks also feature. Nick Train invests in companies he describes as exceptional, defined as those that are likely to be profitably in business in 20 years’ time.

9.      Legg Mason IF Japan Equity

A new arrival! Merry Christmas to us.

Manager: Hideo Shiozumi

What’s in there? Nintendo, M3 Inc.

About the fund: so this one aims to produce a capital return above the TOPIX index over a full market cycle. Toky-Ho-Ho-Ho-based, Hideo Shiozumi, has been managing Japanese equity money since 1970 and specialises in smaller and mid-capitalisation companies – so he’s pretty experienced. The portfolio has little resemblance to any benchmark so relative performance can differ substantially and it also means it can be very different to those that UK investors usually get exposure to.

8.      Liontrust Special Situations

The fund includes companies of all sizes, but it typically has a bias to mid and small caps.

Manager: Anthony Cross / Julian Fosh(ty the Snowman)

What’s in there?

About the fund: the managers have a quality growth investment style, looking for companies with an ‘economic advantage’ (oooh) such as intellectual property (not a gingerbread house that’s won £1M with Chris(tmas) Tarrant) that enables them to produce sustained profits growth. Their strategy typically leads them away from economically sensitive areas such as banking and mining.

7.      Tilney Adventurous Portfolio

Our adventurous portfolio can be thought of as adventurous like Santa delivering all the presents in one night… How DOES he do it!?

Manager: Tilney

What’s in there? Asset allocation – 74% equity. Geographical – 54% UK. Capitalisation – 60% large caps.

About the fund: high tolerance for risk and a long-term investment horizon? Well, this might be your favourite gift this year! This fund has a large exposure to shares, including smaller companies, emerging markets and Asia, meaning a higher chance of short-term volatility… hold on to your antlers!

6.      Lindsell Train Global Equity

The management duo find most of the companies they go for in food and alcohol (e.g. turkey and eggnog), internet/media/software, financials and healthcare.

Manager: Michael Lindsell / Nick Train

What’s in there? Disney, Diageo

About the fund: the fund invests worldwide, but focuses primarily on developed markets. As with their other funds, they buy what they view as durable, cash-generative business franchises and hold them for the long term.

5.      HSBC American Index

Back in the charts after a brief absence…

Manager: HSBC Global Asset Management

What’s in there? Procter & Gamble, Alphabet, Apple

About the fund: this fund aims to provide long-term capital growth – promising so far – by matching the capital performance of the S(anta)&P(rancer) 500 Index by replicating its stocks. It’s not easy for active fund managers to add value to the large cap end of the American stock market, so this fund could be a good alternativ-ity…

4.      Tilney Growth Portfolio

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, Tilney’s Growth Portfolio.

Manager: Tilney

What’s in there? Asset allocation – 64% equity. Geographical – 53% UK. Capitalisation – 61% large caps.

About the fund: if you’re ready to play the long game, take on risk and want some diversification away from the stock market, this could be the portfolio pudding for you. Some investments in there have exposure to smaller companies, emerging markets and Asia (open to risk). But the rest of the fund is spread across bonds, commercial property and other areas (actually help reduce risk).

3.      Baillie Gifford American

Up one spot from last month, this fund is actually managed in Scot(Lap)land.

Manager: Gary Robinson / Ian Tabberer(eindeer)

What’s in there? MasterCard, Wayfair

About the fund: the focus of this fund is to select large and medium-sized companies that show long-term growth potential and have reasonable trading valuations.

2.      Baillie Gifford Global Discovery

One month you’re a star, the next… well, you’re still a star, but a silver one.

Manager: Douglas Brodie

What’s in there? Staar Surgical, Ocado

About the fund: it aims to provide above-average total returns over the long-term. Brodie invests globally in the transferable securities of companies thought to offer excellent future growth prospects. Around 80% of the portfolio is made up of stock(ing)s with a market capitalisation of no more than US$3 billion.

1.      Fundsmith Equity

Its fall from the top spot didn’t last long – Fundsmith is back at number one for Christmas.

Manager: Terry(‘s chocolate orange) Smith

What’s in there? Novo-Nordisk, Microsoft

About the fund: Terry Smith invests in quality (street) companies, which are those able to sustain high rates of return on capital. He has a concentrated portfolio of large, liquid stocks, then holds them for the long term – this is known as a buy-and-hold strategy (unlike passing on presents).

How to invest in these funds

All of these funds (plus thousands more) can be bough(t) in our award-winning Best SIPP and Stocks & Shares ISA or in an investment account. (Psst – see our full awards list here.) These offer great value for money and give you control over your investments. It’s quick and easy to open an account with us – take a look below. Please read the important information below and make sure you understand the risks before investing.



Speak to us

For more information on the Best SIPP, our Stocks & Shares ISA, investment account or any of these funds, please get in touch by calling us on 020 7189 9999 or emailing us at


Important information

The value of your investment can go down as well as up, and you can get back less than you originally invested. (The Ghost of Christmas) Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

Before investing in funds please check the specific risk factors in the Key Features Document or refer to our risk warning notice as some funds can be high risk or complex; they may also have risks relating to the geographical area, industry sector and/or underlying assets in which they invest.

This article does not constitute personal advice. If you are in doubt as to the suitability of an investment please contact a financial adviser. It is based on our opinions which may change

*SIPPs are not suitable for everyone. They may not be right for you if you don’t want to invest across different asset classes or don’t think you will make use of the investment choices available to you. Please contact us for guidance or advice if you are unsure. 

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