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Yes, you can request a CHAPS payment. There is a £35 charge for this service. You must request your transfer over the phone or by email before 3pm for a same-day payment. However, it is important that you have not requested a withdrawal through the Online Investment Service before requesting a CHAPS payment as this would trigger a BACS payment.

There are three ways you can add cash to your account.

The first option is to choose the account you want to add cash to, select the 'Add cash' tab and then select the ‘Add cash’ button.

The second option is to log into your account and click the ‘Add cash’ button at the top of the page. Follow the steps to choose an amount, which account to add the cash to and the bank details to fund this.

The third option would be to add money to your account via a bank transfer. Bank transfer deposits will normally be credited to your account the next working day.

Call us on 020 7189 9999 if you want to deposit money by bank transfer.

The bank details are:

SIPP payment details (EBS)

Account name: EBS Client A/C – Bestinvest
Sort code: 12-21-39
Account number: 06980201
Payment reference: Your Bestinvest account number (BIxxxxxx)

Please note: when sending a contribution by bank transfer the funds will only be available for investment once we have received a completed Additional Contribution Form to confirm the amount and type of contribution made, the form is available to download here and we can accept a scanned copy. If we have not received the completed and signed form within 20 days of receipt of the funds then they will be returned to your originating bank account.

GIA/ISA Payment details (SEI)

Account name: SEI Bestinvest Client Money GBP
Sort code: 40-05-30
Account number: 43689646
Payment reference: Your Bestinvest account number (BIxxxxxx)

First, select the account you would like to withdraw cash from.

Click on the 'Withdraw cash' tab and then the 'Withdraw cash' button.

From here, you can follow the steps to choose how much cash to withdraw and confirm the details of the bank account you would like to pay into.

When using your debit card to make an online deposit, the money appears in your account instantly and is available to invest after you have received the confirmation email from WorldPay. Deposits made through a bank transfer will normally be credited in your account the next working day.

Online withdrawals to your bank account are usually processed as BACS transfers, so should reach your account within 3-5 working days.

If you withdraw your cash online through your Bestinvest account there will be no charge. It will take 3-5 working days to reach your bank account, and is sent via a BACS transfer.

If you need a faster payment, also known as a CHAPS payment, you will need to contact us on 020 7189 9999 to request this. There is a £35 charge for this service.

There is no minimum amount to deposit into your account when you use your debit card. However, when investing a lump sum directly into a fund using your debit card or setting up a regular monthly investment the minimum amount is usually £50.

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