ISA Application forms

ISA application

Please use this form to apply for an ISA account through our Online Investment Service. Once processed, you will be able to make investment selections online through your new account

ISA transfer letter of authority

You will need to complete an ISA transfer letter of authority for each provider you are moving from. If you want to move part of an ISA account to us, please complete a partial ISA transfer letter of authority.

ISA partial letter of authority

This form enables you to transfer a portion of an existing ISA account to Bestinvest. You will need to complete one ISA transfer authority form per provider you are transferring from.

Direct Debit instruction

This form allows us to verify your bank details and lets you fund regular contributions into a Bestinvest account. Please complete it unless you are already an Online Investment Service client.

Terms and Business

This document sets out the terms of business for Bestinvest’s execution-only Online Investment Service.

Key Facts

This document gives you more information about the key features (and associated costs) of our non-advised services.

Speak to an expert

If you would like to talk to us about your investment needs you can contact us on: